Practitioner Tools

Tools for helping children (and their parents) understand their amazing brains!

The Brain Building Book for Elementary

A personalized workbook to guide elementary-age children through the feedback process and help them self-advocate!

The Brain Building Book for Adolescents

A personalized workbook to empower adolescents through a collaborative feedback process.

Practitioner Manual

Learn the Brain Building Feedback Framework and how to use The Brain Building Books.

Parent Handout: Tips for Using The Brain Building Book

A handout for parents to help them continue talking to their child about their differences, using The Brain Building Books as a guide.

The Child Feedback Blog

Each post includes language, strategies, and tools for psychologists, teachers, and parents to talk to kids about their amazingly different brains.

Webinars and Podcasts

Access training webinars and podcasts to develop your child feedback skills.

Parent Handout: How to Talk to Kids About Testing

A handout for parents with suggested language for how to talk to their child about the testing process. 

This handout can be edited to fit your practice.

Brain Maps

Images to help explain different parts of the brain to elementary and adolescent-aged children.

Handout: Child-Friendly Assessment Summary

A tool for organizing assessment results in child-friendly language.

Use this tool for school meetings, online feedback sessions, or as a summary cover sheet for the full report.

Spreadsheet: Videos and Images for Explaining Differences

A living resource with videos, images, and child-friendly explanations for common diagnoses.  Check back often for updates!

Child Friendly Language Guide

Child-friendly language for explaining common diagnoses and processing differences.

Professional Consultation

Book a 1-hour professional consultation for support talking to children (and their families!) about their testing results.