Resources for Parents

How to talk to kids about testing, diagnoses, and the power of their neurodivergent brain!

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Blog: Explaining Diagnoses to Kids

Articles with language, strategies, and tools for talking to kids in empowering, neurodiversity-affirming ways.

Webinars & Podcasts

Recorded resources for parents and professionals.

Brain Building Consultation

1-hour consultation with Dr. Liz.  This includes a personalized Brain Building Book for your child!

Child-Friendly Assessment Summary

A tool for organizing assessment results in child-friendly language.  Use this tool on your own, or with the support of your child’s practitioner to plan the conversation with your child.

Videos & Visuals for Explaining Differences

A spreadsheet with videos, images, and child-friendly explanations for common diagnoses and neurodivergence.  Check back often for updates!

Explaining Neurodivergence – Conversation Script

This handout will walk you through, step-by-step, how to talk to your child about their diagnosis using empowering and positive langauge.

How to Prepare Your Child for Testing

A handout for parents with language for talking to your child before their assessment.

Now in English and Spanish.

Brain Maps

Images to help explain different parts of the brain to elementary and adolescent-aged children.

Child Feedback Language Guide

Suggested language for explaining common developmental diagnoses to kids.