Empower Your Child to Understand Their Amazing Brain!

Talking to your child about their diagnosis is tricky.  The Brain Building Books were built to help!

Schedule a 1-1 consultation with Dr. Liz to create a personalized book for your child, all about their amazing brain!

In this session, we will:

  • Understand your child’s profile from a neurodiversity-affirming perspective
  • Create language to help your child understand their diagnosis
  • Discuss strategies for talking to your child
  • Create a personalized Brain Building Book which I will mail to you the next day!

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Can I just buy the book for my child?

The Brain Building Books were originally designed for practitioners to use with clients.  I am currently developing a version of the Brain Building Books specifically for parents to use with their own children.  Please be sure to subscribe to be notified when this is available!

In the meantime, if you would like your child’s therapist, tutor, or psychologist to use The Brain Building Book with your child, please share this website with them, or email me directly at Liz@DrLizAngoff.com.

How to Explain Neurodiversity to Kids

Each of the following articles includes empowering language to help your child understand their diagnosis.

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Schedule a Consultation

Learn more about how to best support your neurodivergent child.  This consultation includes a personalized Brain Building Book for your child.