Frequently Asked Questions

How do I personalize the book?

The pages of The Brain Building Book are meant to be written on! During my sessions with children, I put out a handful of colorful markers and we draw or write on each page together.

Many pages have specific prompts. On other pages, it may be helpful to write notes or draw pictures to document your conversations. They can write, you can write, or you can take turns!

How do I use this book in remote assessments?

During the COVID pandemic, some practitioners may need to use The Brain Building Book remotely. Here are a few tips to make the remote experience exciting for the child:

  • Send the child a copy of the book in the mail – receiving a gift in the mail makes it extra special!
  • Ask them to have colorful markers ready for your sessions
  • Retain a copy for yourself, and use post-its to “write” in yours as you work on it together via video (so that you can use the same book again for the next child)
  • If a child has difficulty writing, ask a parent to join the beginning or end of your testing session so that they can help.
Can I buy just 1?

Similar to testing protocols and booklets used during assessment, each child you work with gets their own copy of The Brain Building Book.

By giving each child their own copy, you are able to personalize it together with their thoughts, ideas, and discoveries during testing and feedback sessions. Having a copy for each child is part of what makes this tool so effective!

Perhaps even more importantly, the child takes their personalized book home to parents or to school to show teachers, ensuring that the conversation about their learning or developmental differences continues over time.

The book is currently offered in packs of 5 or 10, so that you can use it with a variety of students, depending on the size of your practice or caseload.

Is there a digital copy available?

At this time, a digital copy is not available. Having done digital presentations previously (e.g through PowerPoint), I noticed that having a physical book was critical for engaging younger children. Having something concrete to take home or take to school is part of what has made this tool so powerful!

Another factor is that the information written in this book is HIPAA and FERPA protected, making digital transmission tricky.

I am a School Psychologist. How do I advocate for funding for a tool like this?

I definitely understand this predicament! As a school psychologist, I often struggled with wanting new materials but not sure how to get the funding. While it will be different for every practitioner, here are a few ideas:


  • Ask your school site or director if they will reimburse for the 5-pack as a trial to see if this could be an effective tool for your district at a larger level
  • Consider The Brain Building Book as an additional protocol for testing – one which will serve to help kids understand their results and be more active participants in their IEPs
  • Consider The Brain Building Book as a therapy tool or curriculum for use with students after their assessment is complete
  • If your district is interested in a larger order, additional discounts may be available
I'm a Parent. Can I get one for my child?

One of the most important goals of this book is to help parents continue the conversation about learning and developmental differences after an assessment!

That said, this book is currently written for practitioners to use as part of the assessment, or as a counseling tool after testing is completed. If you think it could be helpful for your child, please contact your child’s team to let them know about the book!

You can also contact me at for a consultation session to help you use the book with your child and translate your child’s assessment into child-friendly language!