Session Description from CHADD-San Fernando Valley


We hope you’ll join us for the August session of our “Understanding ADHD” speaker series. This month we’ll be joined live via zoom by Dr. Liz Angoff, Ph.D. to help us understand how to explain and talk to our children about their ADHD diagnosis.

How we explain and converse with our children about their ADHD has the potential to deeply impact their self-identity. As parents and caregivers, we have the opportunity to use language and terms that educate and empower our children versus confusing or shaming them. We’ll also talk about how parents can support their children to find their own words to explain their diagnosis to others, when and if they choose to share that information.

About our Speaker:

Liz Angoff, Ph.D., is a Licensed Educational Psychologist with a Diplomate in School Neuropsychology, providing assessment and consultation services to children and their families in the Bay Area, CA. She began her career as a family advocate and educator, helping Oakland Unified School District establish some of its first Family Resource Centers. In 2006, she became a school psychologist for the same district, specializing in Response to Intervention, crisis response, and helping teachers implement Collaborative Proactive Solutions in the classroom. Dr. Angoff opened a private practice in 2014, focusing on neuropsychological assessment and parent support. She is the author of the Brain Building Books, tools for engaging children in understanding their learning and developmental differences as part of the assessment process. More information about Dr. Liz and her work is available at and at


This month’s Understanding ADHD meeting is geared toward parents of children and teens with ADHD as well as professionals and educators (teachers, doctors, social workers, therapists, coaches) who work with ADHD children and their families. However, we welcome anyone with an interest in learning more about ADHD including adults and teens with ADHD, adults with ADHD, and partners & loved ones of individuals with ADHD.


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